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"Gallipoli, old strong city in the Japigia region, named by Plinio and Pomponio Mela, is not the Gulf of Taranto, in the territory of is 60 miles from Taranto and 30 miles from Capo di Leuca; from the side of the peninsula, an isthmus detachs itself and continues towards the sunset for almost two miles, an isthmus that narrows and lowers itself every more till the headland, and forms on both sides two hemicycles......

on the two arches fit, Gallipoli raises... among the waves almost in an oval shape,... it is provided from an everlasting spring which is nearby, full of sweet and clear waters.

It was beautiful and appropriate place that our forefathers chose... to lay foundations... and now it is an island surrounded by twelve arches, under them the sea flows from one point to the other, and it laps and encloses all the island..."

(E.E. Anno 1845)