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Friday, February 23, 2024

Adopt An Olive Tree

The company offers the opportunity to adopt one or more of olive trees cultivated with products recognized by the EEC Regulations on Organic.

The cultivars are Ogliarola and Cellina di Nardo, the first by an oil taste sweet and slightly spicy, the second from an oil spicy sweet and fruity intense flavor of almond with pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

With the adoption of one or more trees, you are assured of eating an oil-exclusive, genuine and healthy.

The adopter signing the contract that you will find on the site it will be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0833 274788 or fax and within 24 hours will be contacted by us to receive any information requested.

By adopting a tree you will receive, by e-mail, the map with the indication of the same within the olive, and a photo of the tree marked with a code size of the industry, from the row and the number of the plant in that row.

You can choose exactly the plan to be adopted by indicating the code looking at the map of the olive.

Always by e-mail you will receive news about the cultural practices carried out, such as pruning, fertilizing, spraying with products covered by the EEC Regulations on Organic, irrigation and tillage.

Considering the average production of an olive tree that is 5 liters of oil a year, the cost comprensivodi bottling, cans and shipping is € 60.00 plus VAT to 4%.

The annual fee for membership, which allows you to become members is EUR 10,00.

The fee ensures that the shareholder adopter receives the amount produced by the olive adopted. You can also adopt more olive trees by paying a membership fee that is only € 10.00.

Upon receipt of the completed and signed contract, and receipt of a copy of the bank transfer (or other form of payment in the contract), will be returned the copy of the countersigned contract.

The signing of the contract of adhesion, as a partner adopter, gives you the right to:

  1. receive for each tree taken 5 liters of extra virgin olive oil, organic in conversion;
  2. decide to send to a friend or family adopted the quantity produced from the tree.

To request an adoption top 3 trees are practicing a discount of € 10,00.

If you bring a friend, for every n. 4 trees adopted you will be allocated free of charge for the adoption of a tree.

Download from here the Adoption Agreement